January 2 Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director A Prophetic Teaser Sidst udgivet den 02-01-2018

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida participated in the magnet, doing New Year's greetings, said the future of the topic of Square Wembley MMORPG.
2017, MMORPG Champion, Final Fantasy 14: Storm Brad's release, as well as the event's annual fan festival are held together three times a year to celebrate a busy year. In the New Year's message, Yoshi-P talks about future events online and offline.
2017 is a wonderful year. The second expansion of storm blood release is a huge success. I see more players than ever before. Without our support, the achievements of the past year will not be possible. I am grateful for your visit.
As mentioned in the December real-time letter, patch 4.2, the first major update this year, will be released later this month. The 2018-2019 FFXIV fan festival program is progressing well. It may take a year to prepare for this event, but we have to wait and see what we have.
It is worth mentioning that our goal is not just to host a fan festival. In fact, I have decided on a plan for another incident more than a year earlier. I encourage you to look at the future announcement and find out what it is.
I look forward to another ancient Eastern saying or Archon Louisoix diary. What does this mean for the future of a domain name? I guess only I can guess until the truth becomes obvious.
The FFXIV team is taking a short break for the New Year (The most anticipated new year is the price stability and decline of final fantasy gold), but when we get back to the office, we'll be able to get started. There are many things this year and I will give it to all of us to provide the best possible gaming experience.